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By listening to our clients, paying attention to details and continual interaction in the Louisiana construction industry and topics, we have successfully resolved many disputes and obtained damages for our clients. With more than 30 years of legal experience, Baton Rouge construction accident lawyer Mark Lazarre has developed the knowledge, management skills and contacts necessary to successfully handle any construction defect matter. We also manage construction accident cases.

Baton Rouge Area Construction Defect Lawyer Serving Louisiana

Construction defects devalue your commercial or residential property. To proactively address potential defects before construction or remodeling a property, it is important to establish a precise contract with contractors, subcontractors and any other involved parties.

Potential construction defects include:

  • Structural failures
  • Architectural design flaws
  • Code violations
  • Unsafe structures
  • Product defects
  • Materials defects
  • Cracked foundation

It is crucial to identify who is liable for a construction defect so that you can be made whole. There are many aspects of construction defect law, both from the plaintiff and defendant side that require a thorough understanding of this area of law.

A Construction Accident Attorney Who Protects Your Rights

After any construction-related accident, it is important for any injured or impacted person to recover from his or her injuries and seek the compensation and benefits they deserve. The essential elements of success are determining the cause of an accident and discovering who is at fault. That is why it is vital to hire an attorney who can conduct a detailed review of the situation, products, materials and parties involved in the development of any faulty construction. We partner with experts and personal injury attorneys to ensure you receive the best coverage possible.

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We serve Louisiana residents of East Baton Rouge Parish, Livingston Parish, West Baton Rouge Parish, Iberville Parish and the surrounding regions. For a consultation with our construction defects attorney at Lazarre Law Firm, call 225-590-5323, or send us an email. Serving clients of diverse backgrounds and internationally, attorney Mark Lazarre is conversant in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Serbian and Arabic.